Functional and radiological outcome of surgically treated tibial plateau fractures

  • Singh V Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, R. D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain, (M.P), India
  • Patidar A
  • Bhinde S
  • Agrawal A
  • Jain P
  • Jain A
  • Chouhan R
  • Kothari N
Keywords: H J criteria, Functional and radiological outcome, tibial plateau fracture


The present study included 30 patients (17 males; 13 females, mean age 40.33±12.7 years; range, 18 to 65 years) with tibial plateau fractures who were treated with various modalities. In our series, all patients were treated operatively out of which 15 (50.0%) were managed by ORIF with lateral plate, 8 (26.7%) patients were managed by CRIF with CC screw, 4 (13.3%) ORIF with lateral plate with CC screw, 2 (6.7%) ORIF with medial plate and 1 (3.3%) CRIF with CC screw. In all patients, similar standard physical rehabilitation therapy was followed. All complications including intra and post-operative were assessed and recorded. The functional outcome was assessed using Harkonen-Jarvinen criteria after a mean follow-up of 8 months. The statistical analysis was done using the paired t-test. All patients showed excellent or good results according to H J criteria. In the present study, there were no cases of secondary loss of reduction, failure of the implant, malunion, or non-union.


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