Advertisement, Subscriptions and Revenue source

Orthopaedic Journal of Madhya Pradesh Chapter is a self-financed fully open access journal, which is published in both online and print versions without any article publication charges to authors even. Operating expense of the journal include the cost of web presence, print version, pre-press preparations, and administrative costs. The only source of income that is utilized expenses of the journal from comes from advertisements and subscriptions. Hence advertisements and subscriptions are crucial to this journal to be able to keep all content free for everyone. Ethical considerations are in place to ensure the integrity of the journal and its content:

1. Journal does not endorse any product or service marked as an advertisement or promoted by a sponsor.

2. Editorial content is not compromised by commercial or financial interests, or by any specific arrangements with advertising clients or sponsors.

3. All advertisements and commercially sponsored publications are independent of editorial decisions.

4. Advertisers will never be shown any manuscripts or other content prior to publication.

5. Once an advertisement has been deployed online, it can be withdrawn from the journal site at any time if the Editor(s)-in-Chief or Publisher requests its removal.

6. All advertisements for drug-specific campaigns should encourage correct and rational use and must not be misleading.

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