A case report on nerve sheath tumour of median nerve at distal end radius damaging distal radius ulna joint

  • Girdhar S
  • Raheja P
  • Bajoria R S
Keywords: nerve sheath tumour, median nerve, distal radius ulna joint


PNSTs (Peripheral Nerve sheath tumors) are common tumors of hand present as solitary swelling along the course of nerve. However, Multiple swellings may be present along the course of nerve in patients of neurofibromatosis. The most common benign PNSTs are neurofibroma and schwannoma, which account for approximately 10% to 12% of all benign soft tissue neoplasms and may occur in upper and lower extremities. PNSTs generally presents with painless swelling.

In this paper, we present a 67-year-old female with swelling on her right wrist from last 6 months which was increasing gradually over the time for which she took treatment at various hospitals and was investigated. Patient was investigated radiographically and excisional biopsy was done and diagnosis was confirmed. On final follow up for last 6 months patient did not have any recurrence of swelling with complete movements at wrist joint.


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