A rare solitary intraosseous calcaneal lipoma: case report

  • Kaunteya
  • Bajoria R S
  • Sahil
Keywords: Intraosseous lipoma, calcaneus, intralesional steroid injection


Intraosseous lipoma, a rare primary benign tumor of the skeleton, is most found in the calcaneus. It may contain homogenous fat, but it may also contain necrosis, calcification, or ossification. It usually does not show contrast enhancement, but there is an interface enhancement between the outer fat plain and the inner fluid part. Differential diagnoses for calcaneal lipoma include aneurysmal bone cyst, fibrous dysplasia, enchondroma, and intraosseous ganglia and UBC. Herein, we present an unusual 47-year-old female case of calcaneal intraosseous lipoma. Nonoperative treatment may be a viable option for many patients with small or asymptomatic lesions. Interventions include intralesional steroid injection, open curettage and bone grafting, decompression and percutaneous injection of bone marrow or graft substitutes. Attention is directed to the use of injectable steroid as an alternative means to open surgical intervention. Certain potential problems exist, despite the various surgical approaches utilized, including infection, postoperative fracture, recurrence, immobilization, and prolonged hospitalization.


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