Tarlov Cyst: A Case Report

  • Verma A Study performed at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore (M.P.)
  • Jain S Study performed at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore (M.P.)
  • Jain M Study performed at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore (M.P.)
  • Mundra A Study performed at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore (M.P.)
Keywords: Tarlov cyst, sacral cyst, perineural cyst


Case Report: Tarlov cyst is rare perineural cyst, which may be symptomatic and present with with low back pain, sciatica, coccydynia or cauda equina syndrome. Symptomatic tarlov cyst needs to be removed surgically. We present such a rare case of symptomatic sacral cystic mass (tarlov cyst) presenting with severe lower back pain for months which was successfully treated by sacral laminotomy and cyst excision. The aim of reporting this case was to create awareness among the surgeons regarding this rare entity and to include it in differential diagnosis of chronic low back pain.


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DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3969847
Published: 2020-03-31
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