Journal History

Orthopaedic Journal of M P Chapter is official publication of M P Chpater of Indian Orthopaedic Association. Orthopaedic Journal of M P Chapter started in 1980 with Dr. P. K. Rai as first editor. Subsequently Dr. H.K.T. Raza, Dr. Alok C Agrawal, Dr. Sunil Rajan, Dr. A. Mukherjee and then again Dr. Alok C Agrawal were elected as editor. Currently Dr. Ashish Gohiya is editor of this journal. in year 2013 this journal got ISSN in year 2014 it was indexed with Index Copernicus with IC value of 37.91. Currently this journal has both print and online versions and it is an open access journal, it is peer revied and there is no processing fee for authors.